Jack Keenan is known throughout the Central Coast as a hands-on contractor who pays extraordinary attention to detail. That quality alone combined with his down-to-earth demeanor and winning personality would explain why architects place so much value on working with him. But another reason is the myriad of home types he builds and the beauty and magnitude of what he has been able to accomplish. Whether it be mission architecture with Honduran mahogany and limestone floors, Russian Gothic, a Zen retreat, a French estate, or Italian villa, Jack Keenan’s projects move swiftly and efficiently and represent the opportunity to work on dream projects for architects. The following quote by Sonja Knutsen ASID on her experience working with Jack sums it up perfectly: “I’ve been in this business 20 years and nobody is as organized, professional and well-like as Jack Keenan. I only hope I get to work with him again because it was a wonderful experience.”

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