For Jack Keenan, building custom luxury homes is much more than a labor of construction. It’s a labor of love.

For evidence of that, look no further than at the dazzling collection of Jack Keenan built custom homes proudly displayed in the portfolio section of this website. There are those rare individuals in this world who are blessed with the desire, the dedication and the gift to make dreams come true in what they do. Working closely with clients, architects, designers and sub-contractors, Jack Keenan is one of those rare individuals. And in Jack’s case, what he does is make dreams come true for the clients he builds custom luxury homes for.

This is no small achievement for a builder. It is a major undertaking that puts quality of vision, craftsmanship, and responsibility above all else. Larger projects take years, not months, and in the process, lifelong friendships are formed between Jack and those he builds for. What becomes self evident to clients almost immediately on any Jack Keenan project is Jack’s conscientious respect for the monetary and emotional investments his client is making. In recognition of that, a bond is established, a shared commitment to the project between Jack and his client that guides it every step of the way, from beginning to spectacularly successful conclusion. This is made all the more pleasurable by Jack’s easy going demeanor, which wins kudos from everyone he comes in contact with.

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